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Chiropractic Sunrise FL Herniated Disc Treatment

While people compare back pain to old age or accidents, more people are discovering back pain can occur at almost any age and at any time. Chiropractic pain in Sunrise FL can occur gradually over time from a variety of unhealthy lifestyle factors. Even slouching at a computer for eight hours a day can have negative consequences over time. Due to that, people are caught off guard when chiropractic pain occurs.

Benefits of Herniated Disc Treatment in Sunrise FL

At Town Health & Rehab, we can identify the source of the pain and customize treatment to meet the patient’s needs. One chiropractic issue we treat is a herniated disc in the spine. This type of injury requires professional treatment since rest at home and store-bought painkillers will not be enough. On top of that, store-bought painkillers will only numb the pain instead of lasting relief.

If you are suffering from chiropractic pain in Sunrise, FL or the surrounding area, give us a call and schedule an appointment today.

A herniated disc is when the gel-like disc between vertebrae in the spine shifts or weakens, allowing two vertebrae to rub against each other. Along with that, the herniated disc can shift out of alignment and irritate nerves, resulting in pain and other symptoms. While people are quick to consider surgery, non-surgical options may be the most beneficial route to take.

Benefits of our treatment include:

Providing professional treatment with regular appointments
Relieving pressure on the spine and the herniated discs
Helping to realign the discs and the spine
Instructing patient on specific exercises and stretches to promote recovery

Prescribing medication in tandem with other treatment methods
The pain from herniated discs can vary per person and affect the level of treatment each patient needs. People who decide not to seek treatment are only allowing the pain to get worse and hinder their quality of life. With our treatment, we can treat the source of the pain and provide long-lasting relief.

The Treatment Process

We can recommend various forms of treatment including spinal decompression, a non-surgical procedure that stretches out the spine to help provide relief and allow the disc to shift back into alignment. This treatment may take multiple 30 to 45-minute appointments over several weeks. In other cases, the patient may not need as much treatment at our practice.

However, we will also recommend specific exercises and stretches to help the patient to continue the recovery process at home. Along with that, we may try to help identify what is causing the pain so the patient can avoid causing more pain to the herniated discs. While surgery is a possibility, it is mainly for serious cases that do not get any better with non-surgical treatment options first.

Painkillers may help to provide temporary relief, but they will not provide long-lasting relief. Thus, we recommend other treatment options as the focus of a patient’s customized treatment plan.

Signs and Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

By identifying the symptoms and early warning signs of a herniated disc, patients can seek professional treatment before the condition becomes serious. Contrary to popular belief, the symptoms of herniated discs are not as obvious as people may think. The symptoms can mimic other issues, causing people to seek treatment for something else instead.

By seeking professional treatment, we can help patients receive proper care. Symptoms of herniated discs include:

  • Pain in the lower back.
  • Possible pain in the neck.
  • Intense pain in the buttocks, thigh, and calf.
  • Pain in the arms or shoulders (If the herniated disc is near the neck).
  • Weakness when walking or holding items.
  • Numbness or tingling near the herniated disc.

The area of the herniated disc will determine the location of the pain. Most herniated discs occur in the lower back, also known as the lumbar spine. Since the spine has multiple discs, a herniated disc can also occur in the neck, known as the cervical spine. In some cases, patients may not experience any pain from a herniated disc right away.

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If you are in need of treatment for a herniated disc or other chiropractic health issue, call us and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. We will take the time to listen to the patient’s concerns and customize a treatment plan. Throughout the treatment process, we can also make changes to the patient’s needs.

There is no reason to continue suffering from a chiropractic condition or herniated disc. Call us to receive professional herniated disc treatment and take the first steps toward a healthier lifestyle.


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